FAIM Magazine

FAIM is a biannual lifestyle magazine for young creatives from a generation whose members are hungry (avoir FAIM, in French). We want to learn about the world we live in, meet new people, try new experiences.

Through our three main categories – PEOPLE, PLACES, FOOD – we aim to make you discover the life of this young generation: the projects they are working on and how they are changing their local culture and society. And since we want to invite as many people as possible to this party, we’ll be printing two versions of the magazine and publishing in three languages: Spanish, French and English. Bang!

We started this project because, after having experienced life in a big capital such as Paris for several years, we realised that smaller cities, which are a little less known, have a big and unexplored potential. We wanted to show that they are already becoming alternative solutions to big metropoles for the people who make them their homes. And that’s why we have chosen to talk about cities on a human scale, one per issue, starting with the marvellous Valencia, in Spain.

We are Axel Benassis, graphic designer, and Naiara Reig, journalist. We work as freelancers in Paris, but one day we realised we wanted to create a project of our own. In the end, the idea of creating a paper magazine, where we could address the subjects we could spend hours talking about, just came as naturally as dessert after a good meal. So, together, we founded FAIM Magazine.

But we don’t work alone and we intend to involve contributors from everywhere we go to. So, for the first issue, we have enjoyed the collaboration of: Julio C. Higuera, Sumaya Barber, Carolina Salvador, Paula G. Furió, Nerea Coll, Javier Cid, Lucas Villa, Thomas Martin, Thibaut Solvit, Hugo Marthon, Joe Pearson, Fiona Zublin, Phil Bayles, Sophie Lambert et Valentin Deslandes.