FAIM Magazine

What is FAIM?

FAIM is the magazine that aims to discover the life of a young, creative and ambitious generation from all over the world. They are the members of a generation that is hungry for new projects and experiences, for new ways of working and creating, and for new possibilities to imagine our future (it is not a coincidence that faim means “hunger”, in French!).

Every six months, FAIM goes out there to find them in their hometowns, to first-hand experience how they are promoting changes in our cultures and our societies locally, but also globally. Through our three main categories - people, places and food -, we accompany these young people in their journey through their cities “on a human scale.”

And since we want to invite as many people as possible to our party, FAIM is published in two versions and three languages (English, French and Spanish) and is distributed all around the world.

Are you hungry?


We started this project after having lived for several years in a big capital, Paris. After that time, we noticed that we heard very little or just nothing about very exciting projects that were taking place outside those big capitals.

We realised that small and often less known cities also have an unexplored potential and amazing stories waiting to be told. So we decided to show that there are already many alternatives to big metropoles, and we do it by diving into the stories of this generation in cities “on a human scale”, one per issue.

Whos is FAIM?

We are Naiara Reig, journalist, and Axel Benassis, graphic designer. We both work as freelancers in Paris, but at one point we realised we wanted to start a project that showed who we are, what we like, what we do. Since the very beginning, we knew we wanted to create a paper magazine to talk about all the topics we are passionate about and that can monopolise our conversation for hours. So, together, we created FAIM Magazine.

But we can’t do it alone, and for each issue we are lucky enough to work with several contributors during the content production. Since our first issue, we collaborated with: