FAIM Magazine

Naiara Reig

When FAIM was born, over a year ago, our objective was to create a powerful editorial project that would inspire a generation of young people who are hungry for more. Fast forward a few months, to when issue two was just taking its first steps, and the new challenge was to improve it. We believe we’ve pulled that off.

Releasing the first issue of an independent publication is an achievement no matter the project. So for this second edition we felt like we needed to regain perspective. The most important change – the one we’ve worked most carefully to implement – is to shift focus over to our readers, as well as those who accompany and guide us in our destination cities.

It’s you, our community of hungry people, who are squarely at the centre of this project.

When we started thinking about what we wanted to offer with #2, it was clear that our chosen destination needed to be a city that embodied what FAIM wanted to represent. Bristol surprises first-time visitors with its boldness. It’s a city that presents its contrasts without filters. It prides itself on the artistic and cultural explosion happening in its trendy neighborhoods just as much as its postcards of colourful houses on the hill above the harbour.

In the current climate, Bristol is a kind of anomaly, choosing to be different instead of normal, and to focus on the community over the individual. The city’s uncomfortable history as a slaving port is starkly juxtaposed with the fight for social rights in its modern immigrant communities, and its multicultural heritage has left an indelible mark.

Bristol embraces its uniqueness with pride, and is right to show off the hub of creativity it has become. Because it’s not just about the city here, it’s about the people. The local community is always central to the discussion. Life seems easier, and a little happier, when lived like this. We can’t think of a better place to learn from, and get inspired.