FAIM Magazine

Naiara Reig

We have often said that FAIM started with a bar conversation after a bad day. But it wasn’t really just that conversation… it was all the others. The ones that started after work with a couple of beers, and lasted until dinner time. The ones we had at our friends’ apartments while drinking wine and nibbling cheese. The ones during our coffee breaks. The ones we never got tired of having. Endless chats with friends who live in Paris, but who have passports from everywhere. How many dinners would there be like these? In how many cities would this scene be played out?

We then realisatised that what we really wanted to do was put those conversations down on paper. We wanted to share them with the world.

FAIM (“hunger” in French) was born from the experiences that unite us, the projects and ideas that you can’t stop talking about, stories of people you know or would love to know. It’s born from the desire to discover for ourselves all those places we’ve seen in books and magazines, to peek through new storefronts rather than at Instagram. All the cities we think we know, but where we’ve barely seen the surface. Even those we don’t know at all. All those untold stories.

You are the ones presenting first-hand your experiences and your projects.

At FAIM we decided to pack our suitcases and get out there with our blank pages, ready for you to fill them up. Every six months, we will use our pens to amplify the voices of this insatiable generation of ambitious, hungry youth. You are the ones presenting first-hand your experiences, your projects, the places that have captivated you and the foods you can’t forget. We’ll be there to listen. Because all those big meals, bottles of wine, cheese plates, afternoon coffees and after-work beers have left us hungry for more. Are you hungry too?

Then grab a plate and help yourself to a drink. This round is on us.