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#1 Valencia

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The first issue of the magazine is dedicated to the amazing Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, by the Mediterranean shore. Between the sea and an extense orchard, Valencia is a vibrant city, characterized by an eclectic mix of tradition and modernity.

PEOPLE Interviews with young entrepreneurs who travel the world for work but always come back to their hometown; artists who reinvent Valencia’s most famous tradition, the Fallas festivity; or who share the Mediterranean culture and particular way of life with the world through new media.

PLACES Articles on a neighbourhood fighting gentrification, an in-depth report about a new “cities for people” trend in urbanism, spaces reviews, an urban music festival born in a controversial spot, a beautiful photo report about Valencia’s nature reserve…

FOOD An immersion in the effervescent craft beer scene in the city, a fresh outlook on popular dishes, a fun piece on an unknown food tradition, restaurants and cafes not to be missed…

128 pages of offset paper 120g,
Printed in CMYK + fluorescent orange (804U).
19 × 24 × 1,1cm, 400g
Texts in french-english or spanish-english.

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