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Calendar 2019

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2018 has been a crazy year and 2019 is going to be even better. We are convinced that 2019 is going to be THE year, so we have decided to create a calendar in a poster format for it to remind it to you every month.

The FAIM manifesto for a game-changing 2019
This calendar is a lot of things: a statement of intent, a collection of posters in full color… But it is above all a manifest with 12 statements, 12 big areas that lie at the heart of the FAIM project. Each one of these major themes corresponds to a month of the year, conceived in a poster format, with a powerful message in each page.

Great changes are coming. We know that tomorrow will be better than today, and it will be thanks to you. We already made sure that this calendar will be there to remind you.

A3 format - 14 pages - Offset paper - White spiral - English texts

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